Things to do in Haines Alaska


Things to do in Haines Alaska

Tour ID Tour Name Description Price/Person
HNSEAK-1a Chilkoot Lake Kayak (3.5 hrs, 1.5 hrs on lake) Take in spectacular scenery as you paddle on this pristine lake where you will see waterfalls spill off the cliffs surrounding the lake, lush green forests, and abundant wildlife.


2022 price 



HNRGA-2 Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve River Float (3.5 hrs) Treat yourself to a small group rafting and scenic driving tour through the famous Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve - home of the world's largest bald eagle population.

$155 adult $130 (7-12) $20 (0-1)

HNRGA-3 Chilkoot Lake Nature and Wildlife Viewing (weight/age limits) (3-4 hr)

Bring your camera and visit Chilkoot Lake State Park. This park has it all: a turquoise lake surrounded by snowy mountain peaks, a salmon-filled river flowing into the sea, and important Tlingit cultural sights. Bald eagles, harbor seals, and brown bears are often seen here.

$133 adult $118 (2-12) $20 (0-1)

HNRGA-4 Chilkat Photography Tour (4 hrs)

Cradled at the base of the Chilkat Peninsula, flanked by the Lynn Fjord and Chilkat River, Haines is filled with natural wonders. Your expert photography guide will assist you in capturing the best of the Chilkat Valley's unique attractions.

Private Tours Available! 

$224 adult $112 (3-12) $20 (0-1)

HNTMT-1a Takshanuk Mountain Trail (4 hrs)

Journey along the scenic Takshanuk Mountain Trail in self-driven 4x4s. Enjoy astonishing views of Lynn Canal, Lutak Inlet, Alaska's Coast Mountain Range, cascading waterfalls, and an alpine lake. With snacks along the way and a chicken, fish or vegetarian meal at the end - this tour has everything you can imagine on a scenic drive.


Day Trips Staying in Haines, but want to visit other spots or experience different things? Juneau and Skagway activities can be accessed from Haines with either a ferry ride or airplane trip.

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