Glacier Flightseeing & Landing


Alaskan Helicopter Flightseeing Adventure! Take a helicopter flightseeing trip and land on a Glacier! Learn first-hand how Moraines, Crevasses, Seracs and more are formed!

Helicopter with glacier landing in Skagway Alaska

Soar high above the lush rain forest, incredibly deep valleys and awe-inspiring peaks, you’ll marvel at vistas seen by few! Your pilot will give you an eagle’s-eye view of high alpine lakes, Icefalls hanging from glacial cliffs, and some of the most remote peaks in America.

See places like the jagged peaks towering over the Chilkat Glacier, cascading waterfalls surrounding the Ferebee Glacier, or the spectacular “river of ice” known as the Meade Glacier. This itinerary is flexible and your pilot is free to create the best possible flightseeing based on the weather and glacier conditions.

Flight routes and landing zones are selected daily to ensure that you receive the best that the area has to offer. For a first hand appreciation of this ancient landscape you will have time to do a short tour on foot! During these landings, you will learn about the geological and environmental processes at work creating moraines, crevasses, seracs, and the glaciers themselves.

Availability very limited. Duration: Varies based on number of landings and time on glacier. Please note: Participants must be able to get in and out of the helicopter with limited assistance. Guests weighing 250 lbs or more will be charged an additional $150.

Please note. Tour duration: about 2 hours. Bring sunglasses and dress warmly. The departing dates and times of this tour are dependent upon weather and snow conditions, but are usually from mid-May to mid-September.


Other Information

Trip Activities: Helicopter flightseeing with glacier landing

Duration: About 2 hours including safety briefing, about 40 minutes of flightseeing and 40 minutes on a glacier.

Tour Operator Provides:   Overboots, safety briefing, helicopter pilot and guide.

You Bring: Comfortable shoes, sunscreen, sunglasses, gloves and hooded weather-resistant jacket.

Special Notes

Call or email to check pricing and request reservation: # SKTEM-2