Skagway Your Way! (Skagway)


This tour is a wonderful way to explore the sights and scenary around Skagway beginning with a short tour through historic Skagway.

With both tours you will learn the about Gold Rush history and the natural history of the area. Walk along the boardwalk and immerse yourself in the miniature world of alpine wildflowers.

Suspension Bridge and White Pass Summit

If you chose the Yukon Suspension Bridge your guide will make your way toward the Chillkoot Mountains The dramatic scenery of the White Pass summit soon surrounds you. This is a wonderland of impressive peaks, azure lakes and stunted forests.

The pace is unhurried and you will have ample time to enjoy the view with stops at choice scenic locations.

Venture out on the Yukon suspension bridge to get stunning views of the turbulent waters of the Tutshi River below.

Choose to explore a real ghost town! Dyea (pronounced Di-yee) was a bustling town of about 8,000 during the Klondike gold rush. Frequently the jumping off point for prospectors to reach the famous Chillcoot Trail, the town did a thriving business outfitting them for the trip into the Yukon.

Guided Mendenhall Glacier Lake Paddle, Juneau Alaska

As the gold rush drew to a close, so did the town of Dyea. After Skagway's White Pass Railroad became the most popular route to the Yukon the town's population slowly diminished, leaving behind historical buildings and a small graveyard.

This beautiful little piece of gold rush history is well worth seeing!

The tour will return to Skagway with optional stops at the Gold Rush Cemetery and Lower Reid Falls where a short nature walk through the forest takes you to the base of Lower Reid Falls. The water drops over one hundred feet as it pours out of the forested granite mountainside above


Other Information

Trip Activities: Guided drive, walking

Duration: About 3 hours including transportation

Tour Operator Provides: Transportation from/to the cruise ship harbor.

You Bring: Shoes suitable for walking in the forest and a hooded, weather-resistant jacket.

Call or email to check pricing and request reservation: # RGA-1