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An unforgettable wildlife viewing experience! From the moment you board your Mercedes Land Yacht to the time you spend watching the whales cavorting in the sea - this is an adventure of a lifetime!

Humpback Whale Breach near Yacht Juneau Alaska

Enjoy watching humpback whales bubble net feeding and the seabirds swoop in for their share, all while sipping a glass of champagne or enjoying a beer brewed with fresh glacier water by the Alaskan Brewing Company. Maybe an orca pod will come through or a herd of sea lions.

This is just the right mix of luxury, relaxation and bursts of adventure.


Optional Private Chef

Have us arrange your trip around the lunch or dinner hour and we can engage a private chef to prepare a gourmet meal of your choice (extra charges apply).


Special Trips

How about a trip to Glacier Bay, Tracy Arm, or somewhere else of your choice? We will happiy work with you to create the custom yachting adventure of your dreams.


Other Information

Trip Activities and Duration: One hour of transportation and 3 hours of amazing whale watching!

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Call or email to check pricing and request reservation: # JNALT-1