Dog Sled Summer Camp (land based)


Be transported back in time to relive the spirit of the gold rush with an Iditarod Dog Musher and his team of Alaskan huskies

Dog sled summer camp in Juneau Alaska

Take a breathtaking drive along Gastineau Channel, through the historic AJ Gold Mine site and into the remote Sheep Creek Valley.

Surrounded by massive mountain peaks, you will be greeted by Iditarod Mushers and their teams of huskies. Your musher will guide you through a highly educational tour of Sheep Creek Dog Camp located on the actual site of the famous AJ Mine and entertain you with real tales from the trail & legends from the days of the gold rush.

See an exact replica of an Iditarod Race checkpoint and go through the steps just as if you were actually arriving at a racing checkpoint.

Learn how dog care and the health of the musher's dogs are his two greatest concerns.

Play with the puppies and help with their initial social training. Visit your musher's wall tent and learn what it’s like to live in the middle of 120 happy huskies.

Interactive and Interpretive displays of the Alaskan gold rush days and sled dogs, then and now, are placed within easy walking distance throughout the Camp.

Other Information

Trip Activities: 1.5 mile ride with the dog team (about 20 minutes), about 1 hour with the dogs and exploring the area.

Duration: About 2.5 hours including transportation

Tour Operator Provides: Round trip from the cruise ship harbor.

You Bring: Dress in layers with a hooded, weather-resistant jacket (in case of rain)

Special Notes

Call or email to check pricing and request reservation: # TEM-4