Tracy Arm – Sawyer Glacier Cruise


One of the best glacier cruises in the world! Cruise through the beautiful Tracy Arm Fjord where marine life, birds and wildlife abound. This is a classic fjord and it has it all – tidewater and elevated glaciers, breathtaking mountains and sheer rock walls that reach up over a mile high with waterfalls that tumble down to the emerald green water. This is home to some of Alaska's largest icebergs.

Tracy Arm – Sawyer Glacier Cruise

Bring your binoculars to watch for whales, bears, mountain goats, hundreds of harbor seals, and a variety of birds such as eagles, arctic terns, kittiwakes, and pigeon guillemots.

Our vessels have stable, smooth riding, ocean going hulls for the best cruise to Tracy Arm and Sawyer Glacier.  A full walk-around deck and large cabin windows assure unobstructed views and great photo opportunities.  Personal attention is unsurpassed.

Glaciers from the Mountains to the Sea, Fjords. Huge Icebergs & Towering Waterfalls. Journey through one of the most dramatic and scenic places in the world a must-see trip!

Your cruise culminates in spectacular views of the twin tidewater Sawyer Glaciers, which make for even more dramatic photos when they calve (towering blocks of ice fall into the tidewater). You will be amazed by the exquisite blue of the glacier ice!

Your captain will navigate as close as the ice floe allows, stopping for an extended time at the face of the glacier during lunch before the return trip to Juneau.

Watch for seals sunning on the icebergs, bald eagles soaring above the cliffs peppered with mountain goats, birds, and watch for occasional whales and bears and on the way in. The scenery is spectacular. Overcast days with clouds and mist only heighten the drama of the fjord and the beauty of the intense blue glacial ice.

How does Tracy Arm compare to other must-see sites like Glacier Bay and Denali?? As great as the other places are, the viewers stand at a distance and are on the outside looking in. Tracy Arm is intimate, dramatic, and so close you can almost touch it.


Other Information

Trip Activities: Glacier cruising

Duration: About 10 hours

Tour Operator Provides: Cruise, lunch available for purchase on board (must be pre-reserved)

You Bring:  Binoculars, camera, sunglasses, and sunscreen.

Special Notes

Call or email to check pricing and request reservation: #JNABA-1